X-Wing Tavern Wars mission: Get the rum

Lew the Hutt, owner of the Steamline space tavern, has a shipment of Scarifian Rum for pickup on a storage container outside the Hook Nebula. A Steamline regular within an overdue bar tab tips off Elmer, owner of Argy’s, about the stash. Pilots hired by both joints rush to the container coordinates for another Tavern Wars clash.

Mission Set Up

Steamline: 125 squad points.

Argy’s: 125 squad points.

The Steamline player places a container token within Range 1 of the edge of the Steamline side of the play area. Each player places two asteroids at Range 2 of the edge of their respective play area sides. Both players set up their ships  within range 1 of their sides on a 3′ by 3′ play area.

The Steamline player has initiative.

Special Rules:

The container has a hull value of 5 and an agility value of 1. Critical hits count the same as regular hits. When the container suffers 6 successful hits, it is destroyed.


Argy’s victory: Destroy the rum container or all Streamline ships.

Steamline victory: Destroy all Argy’s ships or ensure that the rum container survives after the 50-minute round.

Solo play variant:

The solo player takes the Steamline side and the AI gets 150 points for the Argy’s squadron. For solo play, the container hull value is 4 and agility value is 1. The AI always shoots at the container over Steamline ships if the container is within range, otherwise the AI shoots at rival tavern vessels that are within range.

Author: X-Wing Tavern Wars

X-Wing blogger from Seattle.

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