X-Wing solo mission: Blast the jammer

(Updated squad point totals for Second Edition)

Elmer, owner of Argy’s space tavern, has deployed a communications jammer that has disrupted all signals to the Steamline Tavern. The Steamline is owned by Elmer’s rival in the Tavern Wars, Lew the Hutt. Now the Steamline’s juke box won’t work and, most annoyingly for Lew, he can’t access information about the bar tabs owed by the many smugglers who frequent his joint. Lew has dispatched ships to destroy the jammer in the container near the space taverns. Pilots hired by Elmer will try to stop them.

Mission Setup:

Steamline (Solo player): 95 squad points. (Must have two ships).

Argy’s (AI): 135 squad points.  (Must have three ships.).

Place the space container at Range 2 from the left side of the Argy’s end of the play area and at exactly Range 1 ½ from the bottom of the play area. This means the space container is positioned at the lower left hand side of the Argy’s side of battle mat. Then position one Argy’s ship at exactly 1 Straight Maneuver Template to the right of the container as facing the Steamline side of the play area. Position the other two ships anywhere within Range 1 of the Argy’s side of the 3′ by 3′ play area.

Place the Steamline ships in the lower left side of the Steamline play area at Range 1 from the edge of the mat. The Steamline ships should be as far as possible from the container, located diagonally on the other side of the play area.

Place four asteroids within Range 2 and 3 of the Argy’s side of the play area.

Special Rules:

The Argy’s ship that is positioned next to the container always executes a hard left 2 turn and has a permanent focus token. This ship is guarding the container by flying in a tight square around it. When Steamline ships are in range of this ship the Argy’s vessel always shoots at the nearest enemy craft.  The other two Argy’s ships play based on the Herkybird solo rules. (These haven’t been updated for Second Edition but they are still useful for solo practice play).

The container holding the jamming device has a hull value of 8 and an agility value of 1. If a Steamline ship is firing at the container and the Argy’s guard ship is in the way count the Argy’s ship as an obstruction and the container gains an extra defense dice for an agility of 2.

Mission objective:

Steamline: Destory the container holding the jammer.

Argy’s: Destroy all Steamline ships or prevent the container from being destroyed by the end of the 50-minute round.


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