Are Y-Wings underrated?

Since they are yet again available for purchase it’s time to re-examine the Y-Wing. The ship was seen in quite a few competitive squad lists following the Most Wanted expansion pack release in early 2015 but if you look at the breakdown of popular pilots and combinations in the meta these days you won’t find many Ys. That’s too bad because in addition to being a cool looking spacecraft the Y-Wing is a great all-purpose option and one that’s effective in Tavern Wars missions.

The Y-Wing is a bruiser, with a total of 8 hit points and a maneuver dial that, while not flashy, is more than adequate. You can tart it up with torpedoes and turret weapons to make its punch pretty fearsome as well. For its price and versatility it compares alright with the Jumpmaster 5000 and the K-Wing, the two current belles of the ball.

The Y-Wing is also available to two factions. For Scum, the Syndicate Thug is just 18 squad points. Slap a Dorsal Turret on there for 3 points and you’ve still got a cheap ship that can absorb fire, dish out damage and last well into the end game. A personal favorite here at Tavern Wars is Horton Salm piloting his Y-Wing for the Rebels. For 25 points you get a pilot skill of 8 and a unique ability by which any blank attacks rolls at range 2-3 can be rerolled.

It will be interesting to check out the meta lists in a few months now that Y-Wings are back in circulation.

Author: X-Wing Tavern Wars

X-Wing blogger from Seattle.

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