Whiskey Squadron versus the YV-666

The lumbering space freighter grew ever larger as the two T-65 X-Wings sped toward it.

“It seems a shame to destroy that thing since it’s filled with beer,” said Arlo Durkan as he assessed the YV-666, which looked to him like an angry whale.

“Stay focused Whiskey Two,” said Bake Travnor. “If we blow that bucket out of space we’ll be drinking for free at the Steamline Tavern and Lew the Hutt will pay us handsomely.”

Bake was the leader of Whiskey Squadron, employed by Lew the Hutt to help wage the Tavern Wars. Lew owned the Steamline and his rival Elmer, owner of Argy’s space tavern, had a huge shipment of kegs aboard the YV-666. Whiskey Squadron was tasked with making sure it never made it to the thirsty Argy’s patrons.

“Roger that Whiskey One. But you know, most squadrons have 12 ships. We scrambled so fast it’s just you and me against this big ugly.”

Bake checked his sensors then cast a wary eye around their target.

“Stay on my wing Whiskey Two. We need to concentrate our fire. And be alert. I bet a bottle of Correllian whiskey this guy has a small fighter nearby flying escort.”

Mission Setup:

(Updated Squad Points for Second Edition)

Steamline (Whiskey Squadron rules*): 75 squad points. Must have two small ships.

Argy’s: 70 squad points. Must have 1 YV-666 and one small ship (Suggested list below**).

The Argy’s player places three asteroids anywhere on the 3’ by 3’ gaming mat, so long as they are outside Range 1 of any edge of the mat. The Argy’s player initially places his ships anywhere within Range 1 of his or her side of the battle area. The Steamline player does the same with vessels on the other side.

Special Rules:

The round is 50 minutes.

*The Steamline player uses Whiskey Squadron rules. Whiskey Squadron pilots are pretty relaxed, as they’ve often come straight from the Steamline Space Tavern. This helps them during evasive maneuvers. Players who choose to fly missions under the Whisky Squadron banner may, before each defense roll, roll one defense dice. If it comes up as an evade the player may add one extra defense dice to the subsequent defense roll.

This mission can also be played solo, with the player picking one side and using the Herkybird AI rules for the opposition.

Mission objective:

Steamline: Destroy the YV-66

Argy’s. Destoy all Steamline ships. If the YV-66 survives after 50 minutes, the Argy’s player wins, regardless of how many Steamline ships remain.

**Possible Argy’s list.

YV-666 (Trandoshan Slaver) with Heavy Laser Cannon, Inerrtial Dampeners and Maneuvering Fins. M3-A Interceptor (Cartel Spacer) with “Light Syck” Interceptor.


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