Mission: Whisky Squadron flies into an ambush

The smugglers and other assorted riffraff at Argy’s space tavern gripped their drinks nervously. Elmer, the elderly human owner of the joint on the edge of the Aturi Cluster, was smiling. The Argy’s regulars were used to many things – surly service, bands that didn’t play in tune, clouds of cigarette smoke so thick that sometimes the bar itself was veiled behind choking fog – but a happy Elmer was not something they were prepared for.

Finally a particularly bold Abyssin, who was the first mate on a transport that ferried bar food to Argy’s, spoke.

“Good news Elmer?” the green, one-eyed creature asked.

Elmer, who was rail thin and hunched over, opened his bloodshot eyes nearly as wide as an Ion Cannon.

“I’ve laid a trap for Whiskey Squadron,” Elmer explained, chuckling in a way that reminded the Abyssin of the sounds a malfunctioning hyperdrive makes. “I’ll get the best of Lew the Hutt in the Tavern Wars yet.”

Lew, Elmer’s rival and owner of the nearby Steamline Space Tavern, had been using his newly-formed Whiskey Squadron to disrupt the Argy’s supply lines. Lew had learned that two Whiskey squadron pilots would be heading out to escort a freighter filled with casks of Scarifian Rum. He had sent three ships to ambush the Steamline pilots for hire before they reached their destination.

Mission Set Up

(Updated point totals for Second Edition)

Steamline: Up to 100 squad points (A-wings are suggested, but any two small ships will do).

Argy’s: 125 squad points. Must use three small ships.

The Steamline player places his two vessels in the exact middle of the 3’ by 3’ gaming area. The ships should be side by side, facing forward, separated by a Straight 1 Maneuver template. The Argy’s player places 1 ship each at the exact edge of the playing area to the left and right of the Steamline vessels and a third ship directly in front of the enemy vessels, also at the very edge of the playing area. The Steamline ships are flying into an ambush, with one enemy ship in front of them and two at each side. The Argy’s player has initiative.

The Steamline player places two asteroids anywhere within a Straight 2 Maneuver template on his or her side of the playing area.

Steamline victory: Ensure at least one ship survives after a 50-minute round or destroy all Argy’s vessels.

Argy’s victory: Destroy the two Steamline ships.

Special rules:

The Steamline player uses Whiskey Squadron special rules. Whiskey Squadron pilots are pretty relaxed, as they’ve often come straight from the Steamline. This helps them during evasive maneuvers. Players who choose to fly missions under the Whisky Squadron banner may, before each defense roll, roll one defense dice. If it comes up as an evade the player may add one extra defense dice to the subsequent defense roll.


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