An X-Wing mission inspired by Wraith Squadron

(Updated squad point totals for Second Edition)

A half dozen pilots clustered at the far end of the bar at the Steamline Space Tavern waiting to hear more from Bake Travnor, the leader of Whiskey Squadron. Bake caught the eyes of Dans, the two-headed Troig bartender, and motioned for another round for the crew. A glass of Correllian Whiskey, on the rocks, was placed on the wood bar before Bake. He scratched his beard, which was as grey as a T-65 Snubfighter, then took a sip.

“What’s the best shot you ever saw Bake?” asked Morto Lesky, a young smuggler recently recruited by Bake to work for Lew the Hutt during the Tavern Wars. Bake, who flew missions for 25 years for the Rebellion and New Republic, appreciated that his reputation preceded him with the youngsters but knew that part of the reverence was simply because he was old. He downed the rest of his drink.

“I didn’t see this, it happened before I joined Wraith Squadron,” Bake said as the pilots leaned closer.

Myn Donos knocked down two Tie Interceptors during the battle that took out the Destroyer Implacable. Donos and General Edor Crespin were chasing an Imperial admiral who had fled the Implacable. Crespin was in an A-Wing and Donos was in a T-65.”

The other pilots nodded, knowing that Bake preferred the old X-Wings as well.

“The admiral, his name was Trigit, was in his own tricked out Interceptor, and he had two other Interceptors flying as bodyguards. Crespin destroyed one of the escorts and then, this is the amazing part, Donos guesses that Trigit and the other guy would break to the starboard side. He fired two proton torpedoes and lit them both up.”

Bake stared at his empty glass as he remembered the long ago skirmish.

“Wedge Antilles said it was amazing that Donos not only guessed where they’d veer off to but then hit them both. And this was after one of the most intense dogfights the Wraiths ever fought.”

The older pilot knocked on the bar to get Dans’ attention.

“That’s enough of a walk down memory lane for tonight boys,” Bake said. “Let’s see if we can convince Dans to put the Grav-ball match on. I’ve got a bet on the Green Dragons.”

Mission Set Up

This mission recreates the climactic battle in “X-Wing: Wraith Squadron,” the excellent book by the late Aaron Allston. It’s part of the X-Wing Series of novels by Allston and Michael A. Stackpole, which should be required reading for X-Wing miniatures enthusiasts.

Wraith Squadron: 100 squad points, must have two small ships. (In the book it’s an A-Wing and a T-65, but any two small rebel ships will do.)

Admiral Trigit’s crew: 140 squad points, must have three small ships. (In the book that would be three Tie Interceptors, but again, any three small Imperial vessels will suffice).

The Wraith Squadron player places both of his vessels in the middle of his or her side of the 3’ by 3’ gaming area. One at Range 1 of his side of the mat and one at Range 2. If you are playing along exactly with the details from the book the X-Wing should be at Range 1 behind the A-Wing, at Range 2.

The Admiral Trigit player then places his 3 vessels grouped together in the middle of his or her side of the playing area, at Range 3, but facing the same direction as the Wraith ships (The Trigit ships are being chased by Wraith Squadron and start the match out at a disadvantage). Designate one Trigit ship as being the vessel piloted by the Admiral. This should be the highest pilot value ship.

No obstacles are placed on the mat for this mission.

Wraith victory: Destroy all Trigit ships.

Trigit victory: Destroy all Wraith ships or ensure that Admiral Trigit’s vessel survives after the 50-minute round.

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