Captain Nym fights the Tavern Wars

The smugglers and rogues who frequent Argy’s space tavern just outsisde the Aturi Cluster are not an easily rattled bunch. Seeing as how disputes over who should pay for the next round often end in blaster fights the patrons, as a general rule, let slide many things that would frighten a herd of Bantha.

It was therefore notable that an uneasy pall remained over the joint as the dozens of regulars assessed what had just happened.

“Was that really him?” asked a nervous Gamorrean, clutching his pint so tightly his green fingers turned white.

“Yeah, that was Nym,” said his drinking partner, an older Wookie. “Elmer hired him on for the next few weeks to deliver his profits to the bank. The Tavern Wars are driving old Elmer crazy – and cutting into the geezer’s profits.”

Elmer watched Captain Nym, the legendary smuggler, exit his establishment and head to his spacraft, carrying credits from the last several nights of business at Argy’s.

“Drink up,” Elmer said, his bloodshot eyes bulging more maniacally than the regulars thought possible. “I need the money more than ever if you sorry lot want to still have this place open.”

Mission Set Up

Argy’s: 75 points, must include Nym.

Steamline: 75 points.

A container token is placed in the middle of the 3’ by 3’ playing area. The Steamline player then places four asteroids anywhere on the battle mat, so long as they are Range 2 from the sides of the mat and at least Range 1 distance from each other. The Argy’s player places vessels within Range 1 of his or her side of the mat and the Argy’s player does likewise on their side.

Nim must dock on the container (representing the bank). After docking Nim must remain on the container and stay there for one round afterward, during which he can’t attack and loses all agility value.

Argy’s victory: Nym must dock on the container, then leave and survive the 50-minute game.

Steamline victory: Destroy Nym.

Special rules:

The Steamline player may use Whiskey Squadron special rules. Whiskey Squadron pilots are pretty relaxed, as they’ve often come straight from the Steamline. This helps them during evasive maneuvers. Players who choose to fly missions under the Whisky Squadron banner may, before each defense roll, roll one defense dice. If it comes up as an evade the player may add one extra defense dice to the subsequent defense roll.



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