Scyks: Fast, cheap and fun to fly

Elmer, the owner of Argy’s space tavern, sat at the bar and looked glumly at a stack of receipts from MandalMotors. It was a slow night in the hulking space barge that sits just outside the Aturi Cluster. Usually Argy’s would be packed with drinkers. But Elmer’s regulars – the smugglers, Resistance and First Order pilots who fly missions in the area – had lately been going to the Steamline Tavern. The reason was simple: Elmer was losing the Tavern Wars. The Argy’s supplies weren’t getting through and Elmer was down to his last few kegs and emergency stash of Corellian Whiskey.

“This better turn things around,” Elmer muttered as he grasped the paper markers for six M3-A Scyk fighters. The aging barkeep had spent 330,000 credits buying the small, sleek fighters favored by smugglers and criminal syndicates across the galaxy. “Now I just need some pilots.”

In our opinion here at the blog, Scyks are seriously underrated. They are cheap, maneuverable, have shields and, with the option to upgrade to a Heavy Laser Cannon, can pack a punch stronger than a pitcher of Trandoshan ale. Check them out if you  haven’t before. If you have a few ships, try flying a mini, 125-point Scyck swarm. You’ll be able to run 3 tricked out M3s. And definitely be sure to add Heavy Laser Cannons. To make things interesting have your opponent run a 125-point list as well and let them play using Whiskey Squadron rules.

Author: X-Wing Tavern Wars

X-Wing blogger from Seattle.

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