A solo mission for the RZ-2 A-Wing

Blue laser streaks singed the tail fins of the RZ-2 A Wing as Bake Travnor spun the tiny ship clockwise. Travnor, the leader of Whiskey Squadron, was fleeing three Mining Guild Tie Fighters. He punched the prime thrusters and checked to see if his cargo was still secure.

The small bottle fixed to the interior right side of his A-Wing was intact. Travnor exhaled, knowing if he managed to lose the Ties and get the Tevraki whiskey back to his boss at the Steamline Space Tavern he would be handsomely rewarded. Lew the Hutt was winning the Tavern Wars and had sent Travnor to pick up a jug of his favorite spirits to celebrate.

Travnor grimaced as more laser fire crashed into his shields. The grey-bearded pilot had one more maneuver to try….

Mission Set Up


This mission can be played solo. Pilot the A-Wing and use the Herkybird rules for the other three ships. For a two-player mission just have each pilot pick either the A-Wing or the three opposing ships to fly.

Place three large asteroids as shown on the map. Place the RZ-A1 A-Wing as shown on the map, in the bottom center of the 3X3 play area. Place three opposing ships on the opposite side of the mat.

Place four tokens as shown. Anything can be used for tokens, but stress tokens work best.

The A-Wing pilot has 42 points to spend on build. The three opposing ships have 100 points to spend in total.  The points can be spent any way a player chooses, but there must be three ships opposite the A-Wing.

Round time is 45-minutes.


The A-Wing must pass through tokens 2, 3 and 4 (in any order) before returning and passing through token 1. The A-Wing wins if it passes through all four tokens before being destroyed. The objective of the enemy ships is to destroy the A-Wing.

Author: X-Wing Tavern Wars

X-Wing blogger from Seattle.

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