X-Wing mission: A Jedi gets ambushed

Bake Travnor, the grey-bearded leader of Whiskey Squadron, couldn’t believe what he was hearing.

“A Jedi? Elmer has a Jedi working for him?”

Travnor’s boss, Lew the Hutt, nodded his huge brown and green head as he motioned for his employee’s drink to be refilled. Lew owned the Steamline Space Tavern, and the gastropod was fighting Elmer, the owner of Argy’s Tavern, over the delivery of booze and beer to their establishments. The Outer Rim Conflict was known as the Tavern Wars.

“More of a Dark Jedi,” Lew explained with an intimidating chuckle. “Sort of grey, really. He has a bit of a drinking problem, from what I hear. You’d probably like him.”

The Hutt had an assistant bring a local star sector map over to a table in his office at the Steamline, which operated out of a large space barge. “He’s human. His name is Sarzo Lord and I’ve got a tip that he’ll be leading several ships on a delivery of Kowakian Rum to Argy’s tomorrow.”

Travnor sipped his Corellian Whiskey, then placed the glass gently on the table. The veteran pilot had spent years flying missions for the Rebellion and New Republic. He knew what Lew was going to say before the words were spoken.

“Your job, Travnor, is to stop him.”

Mission set up

It’s time to test out these new Jedi ships and pilots. In this scenario, the Jedi employed by Elmer from Argy’s Space Tavern has flown into a trap. Will those force abilities, that fancy dial and new upgrade cards help him and is squad escape?

Place four obstacles as shown below on the 3’X3’ play area. Any obstacle is fine, including the new gas cloud option. The Argy’s player has 125 points to build a list which must include at least one Delta-7 Aethersprite Jedi ship. The Steamline player has 150 points to build a list which must include four ships. Place the Steamline ships as shown and make sure they are facing the enemy ships but beyond Range 3 of the Argy’s ships and beyond Range 1 of the nearest obstacles. As the mission begins the Steamline ships have the Jedi boxed in between the obstacles.



The Argy’s player wins if at least one Jedi ship (Delta-7 Aethersprite) survives after the 50-minute round. The Steamline player wins if all the Argy’s ships are destroyed. This mission can be played solo. The solo player takes the Jedi squad while the Streamline ships are controlled by the Herkybird AI

“A Jedi Knight never exhausts himself when battling a stronger foe. And never expect your enemy to miss an opportunity to do you harm.” – Master Qui-Gon Jinn

Author: X-Wing Tavern Wars

X-Wing blogger from Seattle.

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