X-Wing mission: Capture that Epic ship

The unmistakable odor of Forvish ale rose above a back table at Argy’s space tavern after several pitchers of the distinctive beverage were placed before the mercenary pilots gathered for a pre-mission briefing.

“Drink quickly boys,” said Sarzo Lord, the Grey Jedi employed by the owner of Argy’s to wage his battles during the Tavern Wars.

The young Jedi removed his brown hood, revealing his long, dark hair and spread out a large space map between the newly filled mugs.

“A transport filled with kegs of beer on a run to the Steamline Tavern has lost power. There are only a few Whiskey Squadron ships protecting it. We need to dispatch the escorts and capture that transport.”

Huge ships are coming back to X-Wing. In honor of their return try this scenario where instead of using Epic rules, play the game as usual but deploy any large vessel as a mega obstacle.

Mission set up

Place the epic ship in the middle of a 3X3 play area. Then deploy four other obstacles (two per player) per standard rules. The other obstacles must be placed outside of range 1 of the large ship.

Player 1 is defending the large vessel and has 150 points to build a squadron.

Player 2 is attacking Player 1, and also has 150 points to spend.

Game time is 75 minutes. Player 2 wins by destroying all of Player 1’s vessels, except the large ship which can’t be shot at and, as stated, is used as an obstacle. Player 1 wins by having at least one ship survive until the end of the round.

Special rules: A ship fired at through a large ship rolls two extra defense dice. Also, any ship that strikes a large ship or whose maneuver moves through it is destroyed.

Author: X-Wing Tavern Wars

X-Wing blogger from Seattle.

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