X-Wing solo mission: Surrounded

The young pilot placed the empty beer mug down on the bar at the Steamline Space tavern, his hand as shaky as if he held a malfunctioning light saber. Bake Travnor waved for another round for the kid, who had just finished his fourth glass of Thuris Stout.

“I’m telling you Bake, they came out of nowhere. Tie Fighters behind us and a big Tie Defender dead ahead. There was nothing we could do.”

Travnor had been debriefing the pilot, the only survivor of the ambush. The attack was the latest clash in the Tavern Wars, an ongoing fight between two rival owners of bars that operated from separate barges in the lawless Outer Rim. Travnor led Whiskey Squadron, the mercenaries who guarded shipments and waged battles on behalf of the owner of the Steamline. Travnor’s boss, Lew the Hutt, would not be pleased  about this setback.

“I can’t believe Agry’s got ahold of a Defender. Those things are pricey,” Travnor said as he sipped his whiskey. “But what has me most worried is someone obviously tipped them off to our flight route.”

The older pilot scanned the dark bar, barely able to see to the end through the smoke from cigarettes and cigars that rose slowly to the ceiling. Someone had sold them out. And in a joint with more scoundrels than saints, finding the culprit wouldn’t be easy.

One of the issues with solo scenarios using AI systems, whether it’s the latest app, Herkybird or the new FFG solo rules, is that the artificial intelligence ships often make dumb moves. One way to counter this is to put your own ships in nearly impossible situations and see what happens.

Mission set up

Solo player (100 points). Select a 2-ship list and place your ships directly in the center of the 3’X3’ battle mat, spaced apart at range 1.

AI (150 points). Select a 3-ship list. Put two ships behind your own ships on your side of the mat, as shown above. Place the third ship in front of your vessels on the other side. All enemy ships should be beyond range 3 to begin the game. As the game begins you are being chased by two ships and heading straight toward another.

Place asteroids or debris of your choice at each quadrant using standard rules (see above). Your asteroids should form a square framing your solo ships in the middle.


To survive 12 rounds. If one of your ships still had hull points after a dozen turns, you win.

Author: X-Wing Tavern Wars

X-Wing blogger from Seattle.

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