Band on the run – clear debris

Elmer has hired plutonium rock band Disaster Area to play at Argy’s but the route to the space tavern is blocked with debris. The Argy’s owner needs pilots to blast the debris into oblivion so the band’s spaceship can make it to the venue. The Disaster Area vessel is, of course, large, packed with amps, instruments and the band’s personal stash of spirits. Pilots hired by Lew the Hutt from the Steamline will be trying to destroy the Argy’s ships, just one of the hazards of bar ownership during the Tavern Wars.

Mission Set Up

Argy’s: 75 X-Wing squad points.

Steamline: 75 X-Wing squad points.

The Steamline player places Four debris field tokens (container tokens would also work) within Range 2 of the sides of the 3’ by 3’ battle mat. No debris token can be within Range 2 of another debris token. Each player places two asteroids within Range 2 of the edge of their respective play area sides. Both players set up their ships within range 1 of their sides.

The Argy’s player has initiative.

Special Rules:

Each debris token has a hull value of 3 and an agility value of 2. Critical hits count the same as regular hits. When a container suffers 3 successful hits, it is destroyed.


Argy’s victory. Destroy all the debris tokens within the 50-minute round.

Steamline play victory: Destroy all Argy’s ships or ensure that at least one debris token survives when time is up.

Solo play variant:

The solo player takes the Argy’s side, but is limited to 50-squad points. The AI gets 75 points.




Author: X-Wing Tavern Wars

X-Wing blogger from Seattle.

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